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UK residentsare increasingly following the trend of comparing in order to find the best insurance policies with maximum features at the lowest price. We understand your need for comparingpolicies and offer the most reliable comparing platform. Most of the insurance companies are focused on offering great benefits at an affordable cost in order to be competitive in the insurance market. We keep you updated with the latest offerings by all the leading insurance providers in the UKso you can benefit from the best available insurance deals in town.


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In a world where nothing comes for free, we offer you absolutely free of charge services when it comes to comparing the best insurance deals. This means totally free of cost services, with no hidden charges and zero obligations.There are some more reasons why you should compare with SEECOMPAREBUY.

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This is our basic aim to provide our users with all the essential information they need in order to empower them to make informed financial decisions and to put their money to best use.


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Unlike many other free online platforms, we highly value our clients’ privacy and we do not use your information to make money. We make profits through our partners.

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General Questions

Gap insurance is an optional vehicle insurance coverage that can help drivers cover the ” gap” between the amount owed to their vehicle and the actual cash value( ACV) of the vehicle in case of an accident.

Bicycle insurance covers your bike’s replacement or repair costs if it is stolen or damaged. You can also be financially protected if you are injured while riding or if you cause an accident involving another person.

It is an insurance policy that covers the costs of replacing or repairing your mobile phone if it is lost, damaged or stolen. Usually, Mobile Insurance will also include additional cover such as:

  • Accidental damage
  • Water damage
  • Screen crackling

Vehicle warranty insurance offers protection against the cost of parts and work due to a mechanical or electrical failure. All new cars generally have a guarantee from the manufacturer that typically lasts three years or 60,000 miles. Generally, whichever comes first.  When the original warranty of the manufacturer expires, the customer will have to pay for any unexpected repair bills on his own. It will not only be the cost of replacing a part, but also the cost of diagnosis and the workload to fit the part.